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Abbie Hoffman and friend 1982, NY..jpg

Underground, NYC
Abbie Hoffman 1971, NY 2.jpg

Peace Rally, Bryant Park, New York

American political activist Abbie hoffman attends "Hair" musical celebration in Central Park. Abbie was active in civil rights movement and protesting the Vietnam War. Founder of the Youth International Party(Yippies). He died in 1989
Abbie Hoffman 1975, NY, 7.jpg

Abbie Hoffman 1982, NY 7..jpg

Underground Disco, NYC
ACDC Angus Young and Bon Scott, 1977 CBGB,NYC.jpg

Australian rock band formed in 1973. First album entitled "High Voltage" released 1975. Lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott died in 1980. He was replaced by Brian Johnson.
ACDC, Angus Young NYC.1.jpg

Outside CBGB's on The Bowery after performing with ACDC
ACDC, Bon Scott, Angus Young 1978, NY 13.jpg

ACDC, Bon Scott 1977, NY.1.jpg

Backstage with fans at The Academy of Music, NYC
Ace Frehley Kiss 1974 NYC.jpg

Lead guitarist for rock band, Kiss. He took the persona of "Spaceman" or "Space Ace' when the band adopted costumes. Real name, Paul Daniel. Kiss debut album came out in 1974.
Ace Frehley Kiss 1976, NYC.jpg

On stage at Madison Square Garden, NYC
Ace Frehley of Kiss, 1973, NY2.jpg

Early days of Kiss at New York Dolls concert, New Years Eve 1973, NY
Ace Frehley of rock band Kiss 1974.jpg

Lead guitarist for rock band Kiss. He took persona of "Spaceman" or "Space Ace" when the band adopted costumes. Real name Paul daniel. Kiss debut album vame out in 1974.
Adam and the Ants 1981, NY2.jpg

Mudd Club, NYC
Aerosmith NY2.jpg

Grammy Awards, Lifetime Achievement, NYC
Aerosmith, NYC 1997.jpg

Nov. 3rd 1997, 10th annual Silver Clef Award, NYC
Ahmet Ertegun and Barnaby Bye 1973, NYC.jpg

Ahmet Ertegun with rock band Barnaby Bye members Peppy Castro, Mike Ricciardell, and Bobby and Billy Alesis. Ahmet Ertegun is founder and president of Atlantic records. Championed such artists as Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones,Genesis, Led Zeppelin.
Ahmet Ertegun and Mick Jagger 1980, NY. 9.jpg

Rolling Stones party for Emotional Rescue, 1977
Ahmet Ertegun, Andy Pratt 1977, NY.jpg

Ahmet Ertegun, Jon Anderson, Yes 1977, NY.jpg

Ahmet Ertegun 1977, NY1.jpg

Ahmet Ertegun with ACDC 1977, NYC.jpg

CBGB, Michael Klenfner, Earl McGrath, Bon Scott
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